Cynamic Chemical Company can provide you wilth all your floor care needs. From VCT, Wood Floor, Carpet & Concrete. We have the Coatings, Cleaners, Maintainers, Strippers and Protectants to keep your floors looking like new. Below is our complete line of Floor Care products.


Hard Surface Floor Care – Coatings
Hard Surface Floor Care – Cleaners
Hard Surface Floor Care – Maintainers
Hard Surface Floor Care – Strippers
Concrete Care – Coatings & Protectants
  •     Crete Seal – Water Based Concrete Sealer
  •     Wear Crete – Water Based Concrete Coating
  •     Protecrete – Concrete Densifier 
Wood Floor Care – Coatings
Wood Floor Care – Cleaners and Maintainers
Carpet Care – Presprays
Carpet Care – Shampoos & Extraction Cleaners
  •     Extraction Cleaner  – Encapsulating Extraction Carpet Cleaner
  •     Dry Foam Mist Shampoo – Encapsulating Carpet Cleaner
  •     Mark L3 – Heavy Duty Extraction Cleaner 
  •     Mark Tan – Acid Rinse Detergent
Carpet Care – Spotters
  •     General Spotter – General Spotter
  •     Spots Off – Premium General Spotter
  •     Natures Grace – Enzyme Spotter
  •     Goo ‘N Gum Remover – Citrus Gel Spotter
  •     Mark Tan – Acid Rinse Detergent
Carpet Care – Specialty

Dilution Charts & Conversion Tables